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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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download the official. language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch arts here. any time. on. the program. more think. this is what some joint projects give an impression of.
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distrust decades long standoff are not easy to read is it possible somehow. to become good at discussing where the direct. information. although russia and nato say they are partners their interests. the alliances expansion into the. american missile systems in europe are very painful to moscow but despite being a sometimes both sides knowledge. there for russia has made an unprecedented. in the city. supplies to afghanistan.
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welcome to the show. thank you thank you very much to have you here start talking about of gallus that many fear that a civil conflict may break in afghanistan after the nato forces leave the country so do you agree that this is possible and is something done to prevent such accounts but first of all i mean very clear we we are not living in a sense that abandoning afghanistan and it's we are talking of course about a dozen or fourteen which indeed is for as being a deadline which has been jointly agreed it's a blessed by international community that the afghans would essentially assume primary sponsor belief for security but if there is still an issue of course there would need some sort of assistance afterwards and that is what a we are preparing at the moment there would be for instance the defense ministers discussing it next week in brussels and secondly i think it's there's been
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a lot of very gloomy socialistic analysis about and it's down ten years ago five years ago and today and to some extent it's understandable because situation is difficult there are problems but one has to look at the full picture and the full picture is not as gloomy because you know that the same africans that some people say are not able to allegedly take care of the security thanks to a lot of work which has been done at the moment and sensually looking after the security of having free quarters of the whole territory afghanistan. there are many achievement there are many regions which are really quite safe but yes it is true that there are some some difficult situations we've seen them even read recently so that's why the answer is what is it that we are doing we are concentrating on training on how to win them to stand on their own feet. according
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to reports nato is planning to leave. a days or two. after the withdrawal well why why why do you want to keep these couple of bases if as nato claims the mission is accomplished what we understand the mission accomplished prince harry has grown in term richer man but. i mean but what about the other the other missions of the forces in the are they are they really accomplished if you read just after leaving here at some point and that's again it's not just sort of speak our decision our you know our our women are it's a result of sort of judge your constituents the truth is of course nobody wants to stay forever country secondly the time has really come and it's important for the afghans to feel that they are really fully in control because they country we only have been invited to help them but you know it's not an issue of the base and two
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we frankly we don't know i don't know those details nobody because this is being discussed right now the idea is very simple it's there will be a mission no longer combat mission but it be a mission which will help the afghans to train to assist in any which way they will when needed because they will need a bit more help still after two thousand and fourteen so there will be some some presence but it will be much much smaller than it is today and for example you say bases if you need to do some training well maybe you need to do that training somewhere and that may be well be the basis but i don't think we're proper to speak about nato bases and as you said you said it won't be a combat mission i mean what you're what nato will leave. so does that mean that whatever stays there. will not have to be discussed in the security council will not have to be approved by a security council decision is there a trend that's a different issue now all the nato missions they are today it's mission of ghana's
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that's come to piracy that's cost of the mission of the. this they all operate on the basis of the u.n. security council monday in fact last week the sec regional nato mr rasmussen was in new york and he talked about those issues you cited with secretary of u.n. mr bank moon and it's clear that of course we that would be a very very a proper very helpful too to have any form of mission based on of course the u.n. security council recently that how he has been so far and we believe that. the action but the exact manner of this that's that's again for the diplomats in new york and other places to discuss. now do you think russia. as a member of the security council would permit or will it back. support the idea of leaving later and all russia will insist on a complete withdrawal of all or all the forces well the way we look at. the
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issue of ghana's that is that our russian colleagues are our partners in this endeavor for variety of reasons which are very well understood you the history etc nobody has expected the russian troops to be to be present in that mission but russia has been very helpful in variety of ways transit and joint training counter-narcotics etc etc so the bottom line is this we have frankly speaking the same interests the interests of stability so if the afghan colleagues need some assistance and that assistance essentially from two thousand and fourteen will be focused on training then yes we would assume that that's something that will find full support from reform from russia because it's again it's about stability of the whole region of which russia is vitally interested in the russian foreign minister and that the general of late a couple of days ago was that so short of a formal meeting or were there things that we could talk about for example yellow
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sky no it should have been. on the agenda how they discuss the base and the yellow school winds nato starting to use their base in the russian territory it's not a nato base and we have to be clear this is this is a whatever transit point this is a place where some cargoes which would fly from afghanistan would be reloaded on the railway track and that's what it is that's why we are not was proposed by the russian side and our experts policy really. general and minister lavrov it is their tradition because they've met many times and there's a bit of tradition about this meeting on mardis of the u.n. they had a pretty comprehensive discussion afghanistan certainly was discussed we are not that agreement is done so we were very happy about this now to be honest. it's now the turn of you know of concrete countries who are who need to come to some concrete let's say commercial contracts because they remain essentially is
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a legal framework so we assume we hope that that that ikrima it will be use of the speak but now it's not nato it's individual countries that that essentially concludes with you don't have the date when you when they took countries can start using the base nobody knows not the base but they can use that transit agreement there's a million now heard but it's it's because it's very it's has been agreed to and so on but it's frankly it's now the issue of the sort of the commercial deals and you know how it works you have to offer good as far as i understand this. may be which you don't call a basic quality just like a place for transfer may be used only for for civil purposes not for any military purposes for for the transit of military military issues and this that right now we have to be precise because these are i mean you know i mean one can sort of you
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know split hairs but it is about military congress in a sense that it's about equipment. there is things which are used by by not just nato countries but of fifty countries which are in afghanistan now but we say the agreement clearly stipulates that this will not include so-called liefeld so simply put nothing that you can kill with so so badly so just the soldiers they use bread and they use bullets well executor you know bullets not going to break. you know from tense to even some some some cars maybe even some armored cars what without you know without the the weaponry of the of the and militia and that is and certainly not troops themselves so that's why it's just really about the cargo loaded cargo but it's still very important and we're very happy about that. bloomberg reports no no no military personnel will be allowed in early and it's going to be stationed there is that right but the idea is
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that the military personnel will not be so to speak i know it's a dozen some days but you know what i mean is you want to be going it's that transit agreement it's it will not include the transport of of people of the old reasons or so in that sense there is there is frankly no no need i mean it's you know it's about you the way it were it has worked before you have a plane coming transport plane which you know then you just need some people at the airport who are unloaded. the containers the people will be russians or will they be later of course it depends on the contract that's why i would hazard to say but i think again our experience of far and the fact that you know russia has has the plane there are companies who have been based in reality i think there's a if that it was used there's a high probability that this will be russian russian companies so robbers shall have the director of the latest information office in moscow what life would be in baghdad to take place sure afraid so stay with us don't.
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back to spotlight with darva just to remind you that my guest on the show today here in the studio is rubbers shall direct to the nato information office in moscow robert we started talking about leon of the place of transit where where when nato can rule some some cargo from planes to to real railway cars delivered from out of afghanistan well we just started discussing how it will be years will there be any weapons will there be any military personnel inside because it's not a base it's kind of place for transit so you understand why this is so important we both understand because this sort of this distrust because russia and russian
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people russian authorities they know that nato is very easy to welcome but very hard to us to leave so they are all suspicious that once and nato soldier will put his feet on piece of land and especially if there's barbed wire put a head around no way he'll ever leave. other guarantees that this won't happen new orleans this suspicious how it warrants it not. you know their degree minutes is about transit not about troops and so on and by the way i mean just to give you an example that you know we have a problem record there was this was not a combat mission there sort of a training mission in iraq because they took did not take part in iraq to be a vet it went on for a number of years with trained quite a few thousand of iraqi officers that mission has been you know has has ended really and the same goes for other missions too so frankly speaking i don't think nato has has
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a record of staying but you know one thing of course well the reason i'm asking is that in one of your own interviews here in moscow you said that this suspicion both russia and nato have towards each other you called it a bad habit do you think that it's coming from the cold water as well do you think that we can ever overcome this bad yes in fact if that's the intuition which you allude to i said i compared it to my own recent hard experience of quitting smoking it's very hard in the beginning but then the world looks better and actually you know. it's highly advisable it's a bit like well rhetorical once you get rid of it then the world looks nice and so on but you know i something is possible and you know it is possible if you look at the overall relationship of russia if you think of economic relations if you think of tourists if you think of sports you name it. does anybody really think of the cold war injury is just when you start talking about security issues that suddenly
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a different somehow view approaches and i think we have to both of both sides of the line you know all sides in this equation have to make an effort to get rid of this because it's silly and it doesn't really help us it doesn't have russia we are partners even in partnership is there all the time you you should have you should have a specific specific view specific point of view about russian later relations because you are present poland europe world and poland used to be member member of the warsaw pact. and you together with us considered nato to be the enemy number one though they tell poland is member of nato and your representative later in moscow so this really does sound funny how things are changing but the old stereotypes are still there well here i mean first of all i don't represent poland a number i talk about anyway but i have a role and i look out i'm not only not absolutely pretending i'm not no but is it
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ok well it's just a bit of history of of my in my humble life my professional life but but it's precisely the point i mean everything can change no one can give other examples from other areas you know i mean there's some countries european countries who are really not the riches of country luxembourg for example one hundred forty five min agricultural country some books today look at finland for example there's lots of countries which would change the ways they change the situation the same goes with people the same goes that you know but it's i think it really all starts here. can you believe that luxembourg i think is the third largest investor into russian what they want you are that's the point listen well you spoke about security issues well listen let's take the missile shield all of it and it's been talked about for years and how this new american missile shield the deployment of systems in europe as far as i understand all kremlin wants from the you know sense from nato is that. they
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give us a guarantee that this new system will not undermine russia's security and russia wanted in writing what what come america put a wake up later but what's the problem here where you set about making it happen i mean well let me put on the glasses a little more serious i know but it's it's the issue is this that there are a variety of reasons why i believe this is suspicious of the speak that it's come. how. the missile defense system which is now being built by nato and us system will be part of it but it's an eight architecture now we building this it's got nothing to do with the freds in any form of this is all about fred's emanating from outside europe point number two he actually i mean the whole dispute so to speak is about what would be the best way to cooperate now is certainly not about you know what we see the danger of fred astaire to russia so you know the problem with putting
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various things in writing is takes ages and then if you if you if you did if you talk about this in terms of legal agreements you know that it's extremely extremely complex politically when you think of the number of countries who have to ratify and so on but it's. what we're proposing is let's actually use the proposer the russian made itself some time ago this is about the two different centers one which would be sort of looking at a friend's dad or one would be potentially coordinating responses and let's work together so at least you know we have a chance to convince each other in action in real cooperation that this is not about as this is about the freights which come from outside you speaking about a joint effort well russia did propose to build this. shield together make it a joint project to russia and later you remember they progressed to use the gobble aspirations so do you think this is a utopia today i mean today at the present stage that russia will work will start
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building such a huge search or such a strategic project together with later it's possible we are trying to well we think we are programmatic. and you know that's that's kind of because of what we do because of all the nations one one this to want to have a pragmatic approach and you know. where did you need to bring in romania albania because they're good at you know other things so it's a serious point because we all have a lot of respect towards each other that but you know on this specific issue of the joint the problem is this that you know on one hand you would need. you would need really to change i guess the washington treaty because you know missile defense is now part of the collective defense we can use and of course for a country which is not a member that we'd have a secondly if the question was was put to the russian officials would you agree les talk to be responsible for in
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a full and formal sense for the fans of the russian territory if it down so would be. to cooperate meaning essentially do the same thing but you know without this sort of the legal aspects it's comes down to what we can better protect our population our territories. and actually live to help each other isn't that a good good idea. you obviously sound as a patriot of your of the organization you're present here in moscow but listen talking about european integration with further european integration people say experts say that there may be the maybe joint military force introduced inside the european union will need to survive it i mean i mean if they are joint military joint military force european army will that well what will somebody need data but i think. the whole knowledge i mean you know it's difficult to predict i mean unless you know you just a few months or one but you know there isn't such a thing as a nato army by the way today maybe why this should be i don't know. to be honest at
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the moment it's the issues that we really grappling is something which we try to tackle in the protocol small defensive meaning how to get a better deal for the back of the euro in terms of defense with limited results so this is frankly speaking if there are very good projects in the u. or in nato and the bulk of the membership is the same all this actually helps the same you know to address the same problem with those present those brussels supported this idea of a european creation of a joint going to be honest and not the word of a formal proposal to have that it's the resilience a lot of proposals both when a lot of projects about improving the capabilities because we still lag behind the capabilities of the united states but let's. talk a bit about nato expansion georgia well some people within the nato i know would like to see georgia is a nato member what do you think today prevents georgia from becoming
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a later member except that russia is against us. well with all due respect to russia but you know we take those decisions ourselves but of course every every every single point is taken become because at the end of the day and largely that's why we call it an open door and. like policy it's not about creating difficulties for nato and it's about you know a responding to to the sovereign wishes sort of speak of european country that's article ten of the washing treaty and secondly the decision in principle that we would like to suggest has been taking requests. however a country hardly ever enters nato just like that you have to go along but. mechanism to consider the members i mean russian point of view in in the process of. accepting the new country engine into nato not well meaning that you said you think this is yourself but i mean nobody would believe in
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a real world and of all the views of various countries matter that's true and allies themselves when they make decisions about magnitude the political aspects are important but in the end the bottom line is this the experience of the larger in process in our view in the view of the allied countries has been rather positive from the point of view of transparency of let's say the cooperative mechanism across the continent and we don't certainly believe that that let's say further decisions on a large amount will will change that so we don't see this as as a negative process on the on the country thank you thank you very much for being with us in just a reminder that my guest on the show today was robert shallot director of the later information office a lot and that's it for the hour from all of us if you want to have yourself spotlight because of. what life will do that the more presidents come and follow what's going on in and outside russia until then they are our team and taking.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. spot on.
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